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What's New

Pre-Swath and Post-Swath Disease Scouting Video

Learn more about scouting for clubroot and other diseases.

All About Clubroot brochure

Equipment sanitation is first line of defense to help prevent spread of different clubroot pathotype

Clubroot data reinforces need for vigilant field scouting

Clubroot Risk Mitigation Initiative (CRMI)

The final report for the CRMI is now available.

Clubroot of Canola Disease Cycle Video

Understanding the story of this devastating disease will help you make the right decisions on controlling clubroot in canola.

Guidelines for Canola Researchers

The canola research industry, as represented by the WCC/RRC (Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee), adopted these clubroot management guidelines to help ensure that canola research and variety trials would not contribute to the spread of clubroot on the Prairies.
View the management guidelines here

2013 International Clubroot Workshop

View the workshop presentations here