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Admin/General Inquiries
General inquiries
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2100 or
toll-free (866) 834-4378
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Angela Brackenreed
Agronomy Specialist
Justice MB
(204) 720-6923
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Brittany Dyck
Senior Manager, Canola Utilization
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-7763
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Cari Mell
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2114
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Cass Cardy
Communications Coordinator
Winnipeg MB
(204) 296-4418
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Cheryl Kiefer
Administrative Assistant/Oilseed Technician
Saskatoon SK
(306) 683-2400
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Chris Davison
Vice President, Stakeholder & Industry Relations
Guelph ON
(613) 355-3435
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Clint Jurke
Agronomy Director
Lloydminster SK
(306) 821-2935
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Curtis Rempel
Vice President, Crop Production and Innovation
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2105
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Ellen McNabb
Research Administrator
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2110
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Heidi Dancho
Director, Communications
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2108
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Ian Epp
Agronomy Specialist
Saskatoon SK
(306) 371-7913
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Jason Casselman
Agronomy Specialist
Fairview AB
(780) 832-2382
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Jay Whetter
Communications Manager, Canola Watch Editor, Canola Digest Editor
Kenora ON
(807) 468-4006
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Jim Everson
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2109
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Julie Hutton
Finance Assistant
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2113
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Justine Cornelsen
Agronomy Specialist
Virden MB
(204) 298-4364
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Keith Gabert
Agronomy Specialist
Innisfail AB
(587) 377-0557
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Kristy Torcia
Finance and Administrative Assistant
Winnipeg MB
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Nathaniel Ort
Agronomy Specialist, South East Manitoba
Winnipeg MB
(204) 750-1895
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Nicole Guay
Executive Assistant
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2103
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Raymond Gadoua
Canola Co-op Test Manager
Saskatoon SK
(306) 683-2403
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Romielie (Miles) Dayrit
Administrative Assistant, Corporate Affairs
Winnipeg MB
(204) 510-6349
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Samara Hutton
Senior Manager, Corporate Programs
Winnipeg MB
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Shaunda Durance-Tod
CanolaInfo Manager
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-7761
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Shawn Senko
Agronomy Specialist
Saskatoon SK
(306) 270-9307
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Taryn Dickson
Resource Manager, Crop Production and Innovation
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-2111
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Troy Sherman
Director, Government Relations
Ottawa ON
(613) 983-6291
Email Troy
Warren Ward
Agronomy Specialist
Springside SK
(306) 621-0630
Email Warren
Whitney Dencklau
Communications Manager
Winnipeg MB
(204) 982-7762
Email Whitney