Economic Impact of Canola

Growing opportunity for all Canadians

Canola’s contribution to the Canadian economy has more than tripled in the last 10 years, according to the latest independent analysis commissioned by the Canola Council of Canada and conducted by LMC International. This study shows Canadian-grown canola contributed $26.7 billion to the Canadian economy each year, including more than 250,000 Canadian jobs and $11.2 billion in wages.

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National impact

Graphic showing canola’s impact on Canadian jobs, wages and economic activity
Graph showing growth of canola’s impact on Canadian jobs and wages over 10 years

Provincial impact

Graph showing the economic impact of canola in each Canadian province

Value chain impact

Graphic showing how different parts of the canola industry contribute to the Canadian economy

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Economic impact facts

Wage impact doubled in 15 years

Continued growth in processing

Nation-wide impact