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2019 annual report – highlights

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What does it take to move forward in difficult times?

It takes a strong commitment to partnership and a clear sense of purpose. It takes the ideas and resources of the entire value chain, focused on the greatest needs and opportunities.

Our partnership

The Canola Council of Canada involves all parts of the value chain, including growers, processors, exporters, life science companies and other partners. We all sit down at the same table to discuss and advance our collective success.

Our purpose

We are the marshalling point to confront the industry’s shared challenges, whether they are in the marketplace, in the field or in the halls of government. Working together, we speak with one strong voice and combine our individual strengths to make the greatest collective impact.

Our work is guided by Keep it Coming 2025, the strategic plan for the industry. We focus on three strategic priorities:

Taking action to bring back predictable trade

The sudden halt of seed exports to one of our biggest markets necessitated action and teamwork to resolve issues and diversify our customer base.

Leading on pressing agronomy issues

In one of the toughest years ever, growers received timely, researched-based advice to maintain their competitive edge and keep canola supply strong.

Stronger support for  science-based decisions

Industry-wide cooperation produced real-world data and a compelling rationale in support of neonicotinoid seed treatments.

In a year of many challenges, three pressing issues dominated:

Sustainable, reliable supply

Meeting growing global demand for Canadian canola while increasing the economic and environmental benefits of every acre

Differentiated value

Demonstrating the quality characteristics of canola seed, oil and meal

Stable and open trade

Creating a trade environment that consistently allows the industry to attain maximum value for canola

The year at a glance

MMT = Million Metric Tonnes
*8.5% moisture basis

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