Nutrient management

Fertility is a diverse topic that involves many factors and management practices related to crop nutrition, as impacted by the environmental conditions in a specific location. Understanding soil properties, soil tests and basic plant requirements make it possible to consider the specific macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulfur) and potential micronutrients which should be part of a fertility management plan. Among other parameters (such as logistics) fertilizer applications should always consider the 4Rs (right rate, right source, right timing and right placement).

Investigation into crop nutrition involves understanding the roles of macro and micronutrients and their requirements by canola plants, as well as the factors that impact the nutrient use efficiencies. These principles allow for the consideration of different fertilizer options and the management practices related to them which can generate a productive canola crop sustainably, with minimized production risk.

For videos on canola nutrient management, check out our YouTube playlist.

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