Canola Watch 2021 exam – Section 1 – 4R nutrient management

The Canola Watch 2021 annual exam for Certified Crop Advisors and Certified Crop Science Consultants (and anyone else who wants to enhance their agronomy skills) has five sections:

  • 4R nutrient management (20 questions and 2 CEUs)
  • Seed decisions: Choose the best cultivar for each field (10 questions and 1 CEU)
  • Plant establishment: Achieve a uniform 5 to 8 plants per square foot (10 questions and 1 CEU)
  • Pest management: Identify and manage the top yield robbers (20 questions and 2 CEUs)
  • Harvest and storage: Deliver every seed at No.1 grade (10 questions and 1 CEU)

Find them all here.

Customize the exam based on credits you need. Credits will apply in either 2021 or 2022, depending on when you pass each section. For those who pass, Canola Watch will submit names and program ID numbers to the program to have the credits counted.

For questions or additional information on this exam, please contact Jay Whetter at 807-468-4006 or

Section 1: 4R nutrient management

All farms will benefit from applying the right fertilizer products at the right rate, right time and right place – the "4Rs". 4R nutrient management can improve the return on investment for fertilizer, improve overall farm sustainability, and reduce nutrient runoff into waterways and emissions into the air. 4R is an important Canola Council of Canada agronomy objective.

This section has 20 questions on 4R. Answers will be found in Canola Watch content from 2021 as well as supporting resources from Canola Encyclopedia, Canola Research Hub and more.

Achieve a minimum score of 70 per cent (14 out of 20) to receive 2 Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) or Certified Crop Science Consultant (CCSC) continuing education credits (CEUs). Specific credits for CCAs are: 1 CEU in nutrient management, 0.5 CEU in soil and water management and 0.5 CEU in sustainability. CCA tracking number SS 55303.

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