Canola Council of Canada

All parts of the industry, building canola’s success

The Canola Council is the first industry association in Canada to encompass all links in the value chain. Members include canola growers, life science companies, grain handling companies, exporters and processors, as well as food and feed manufacturers. All sit down at the same table to address shared challenges and develop a common platform for growth.

Our mission

The Canola Council’s mission is to advance the growth and profitability of the canola industry based on innovation, sustainability, resilience and the creation of superior value for a healthier world. Our shared goal is to ensure the industry’s continued growth, demand, stability and success – achieving  an average yield of 52 bu/acre to meet global market demand of 26 million tonnes by the year 2025. Read more about our Keep it Coming 2025 strategic plan.


All core funding comes from voluntary industry contributions paid directly to the Council by the three Prairie canola grower associations, processors, exporters as well as life science companies.

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Read about canola, the industry and our commitment and three-pronged approach to sustainability.