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Sclerotinia symptoms – Canola petal colonized by sclerotinia adhering to a leaf
Sclerotinia Risk Assessment Calculator

Sclerotinia Risk Assessment

Calculate sclerotinia risk to inform your spray decision at flowering and then estimate disease severity before harvest to evaluate your spray decision for long term profitability.

Sclerotinia symptoms – Leaf axil with small sclerotinia lesion
Sclerotinia Economic Calculator

Sclerotinia Economic Calculator

Calculate the estimated yield loss and crop value, with and without fungicide application for different scenarios.

Sclerotinia symptoms – Canola pods with and without sclerotinia infection
Sclerotinia Launch Resources Calculator

Sclerotinia Resources

Use the sclerotinia rating method video, photos and description, photo gallery and sclerotia depot content to support sclerotinia management efforts.

A canola crop at the early vegetative stage signifying the value of a target plant density calculator
target plant density calculator icon

Target Plant Density

Learn how to set a target plant density in plants/ft2 or plants/m2 that fits with your individual field conditions, abilities and appetite for risk.

Direct seeding canola into wheat stubble signifying the need for a seeding rate and seed cost calculator
seeding rate and seed cost calculator icon

Seeding Rate
& Seed Cost Calculator

Calculate your optimum canola seeding rates and seed cost or use this calculator after seeding to understand your emergence.

A canola crop at the early vegetative stage with a plant count rig around some plants signifying the value of the Canola Counts survey tool
canola counts survey icon

Canola Counts

Enter plant densities and calculate emergence in this survey of crowd-sourced canola plant establishment data.

canola stems infected by blackleg highlighting the reason to use the blackleg yield loss calculator
blackleg yield loss calculator icon

Blackleg Yield Loss

Calculate your potential blackleg yield loss based on severity, incidence and projected yield of your canola.

a drop pan underneath a combine highlighting the reason to use the harvest loss calculator
harvest loss calculator icon

Harvest Loss

Calculate combine seed losses in weight, volume, or seed count, so you can adjust your settings appropriately to increase profitability.

canola being combined at harvest highlighting the reason to use the combine optimization tool
Combine optimization tool icon

Combine Optimization

Identify and address grain loss, grain sample quality and combine productivity challenges to improve your canola harvest.