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Significant grower, government and private dollars are being invested into clubroot research. Grower funds are directed through the Canola Agronomic Research Program and other funding agencies. These projects include:

  • 2004-21: Characterization of the clubroot disease problem on canola, Lead: Dr. Stephen Strelkov, University of Alberta. Full Summary Report Science Snapshot
  • 2008-14: Seedborne transmission of clubroot of canola: evaluation and significance and control, Lead: Dr. Stephen Strelkov, University of Alberta. Final project report (PDF)
  • 2008-19: Effect of non-host crops and host management on clubroot of canola, Leads: Dr. Sheau-Fang Hwang and Dr. Stephen Strelkov, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and University of Alberta. Final project report (PDF).
  • PCARP: Survey and evaluation of soil micro-organisms for control of clubroot on canola, Lead: Dr. Gary Peng, AAFC.
  • 2009-18: Evaluation physical and chemical methods for cleaning and disinfesting tools, machinery, equipment, and other hard surfaces contaminated with clubroot, Lead: Dr. Ron Howard, Alberta Research Council.
  • 2010-03: Effects of clubroot-resistant canola lines on soils infested by Plasmodiophora brassicae, Lead: Dr. Sheau-Fang Hwang.
  • 2010F133R: Studies on the Genetic and Molecular Basis for Clubroot Resistance in Canola, Lead: Dr. Stephen Strelkov.
  • ADF 2010-0098: Genomics of clubroot disease development in canola and development of in planta RNAi to impart novel resistance, Lead: Dr. Peta Bonham-Smith.

The federal government of Canada committed $3.6 million of the Growing Forward fund to clubroot research in 2009. As a result the Clubroot Risk Mitigation Initiative was launched to bring researchers across the canola industry together to collaborate on the toughest clubroot issues. These projects are jointly administered by the Canola Council of Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Some of these projects are:

  • Development of a Canadian clubroot differential set
  • Clubroot resistance stewardship: disease surveillance and pathotype monitoring
  • Mechanisms of resistance
  • Study of Plasmodiophora brassicae inoculum dispersal in western Canada
  • Establishment of a clubroot nursery
  • Integrated control strategies to reduce the impact of clubroot on canola
  • Evaluating methods for disinfesting tools, machinery and other hard surfaces contaminated with clubroot resting spores
  • Molecular mapping of the clubroot resistance of Rutabaga (B. napus var. rapifera)
  • Mapping clubroot resistance genes in B. rapa and developing molecular markers closely linked to these genes
  • Interaction of climate, soil and pathogen biology on management of clubroot of canola
  • Screening brassica germplasm for resistance and developing canola lines against prairie races of Plasmodiophora brassicae
  • Developing microbial technologies for biocontrol of clubroot
  • Formulation development for biological control of clubroot on canola
  • Public and private breeding programs are also working to develop more clubroot-resistant varieties for western Canada.

Final Report for the Clubroot Risk Mitigation Initiative (CRMI)

The final report for the CRMI is available here.

Clubroot Workshops and Summits

2018 International Clubroot Workshop

The Canola Council of Canada hosted the International Clubroot Workshop in Edmonton, Alberta on August 7-9, 2018. This unique three-day program highlighted the latest in clubroot research from across Canada and around the world.

Topics included epidemiology, host-pathogen interaction, genetics and breeding, expanding clubroot resistance and stewardship, and clubroot management.

2013 International Clubroot Workshop

On June 19 to 22, the 2013 International Clubroot Workshop was held in Edmonton, Alberta, which brought together clubroot researchers from around the world along with canola growers, agronomists, petroleum industry and government staff all together to discuss clubroot. This Workshop was also the culmination of the Clubroot Risk Mitigation Initiative in which all research projects results were shared. Below are copies of the presentations that were delivered over the course of the workshop.

2012 Clubroot Summit 

2010 Clubroot Summit 

2009 Clubroot Summit

The first Clubroot Summit was held in 2009 and this served to launch the Clubroot Risk Mitigation Initiative.