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Figure 1. Field inspection for clubroot

Photo courtesy of Parkland County Agricultural Services, Alberta Canada

Information adapted from the Alberta Clubroot Management Plan, May 2010 Revision:

Clubroot was added as a declared pest to Alberta’s Agricultural Pests Act (APA) in April 2007. The APA is the legislative authority for enforcement of control measures for declared pests in Alberta. The Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Food is responsible for this Act.

However, enforcement of pest control measures is the responsibility of the municipal authority, and agricultural fieldmen are responsible for enforcing pest control measures in their municipalities. Pest inspectors have the power to enter land at a reasonable hour, without permission, to inspect for clubroot and collect samples. The owner or occupant of the land has responsibility for taking measures to prevent the establishment and spread of clubroot. Alberta’s Clubroot Management Plan outlines management and sanitation measures to prevent the spread of clubroot from infested areas. The control measures represent an acceptable standard that is to be applied in all municipalities across the province. Municipalities can enhance the standard within their own jurisdictions. Failure to meet these recommendations may result in action being taken by the agricultural fieldmen to ensure compliance.


Information adapted from the Saskatchewan’s Clubroot Management Plan, July 2018.

Clubroot was declared a pest under The Pest Control Act in Saskatchewan in June 2009. Under The Pest Control Act, people who own, occupy or control land are required to take measures to destroy, control and prevent the spread of pests. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and the Saskatchewan Clubroot Initiative continues to provide information for public awareness and contribute to disease surveillance in Saskatchewan. Rural municipalities have the authority under The Pest Control Act to undertake prevention and enforcement measures related to the spread and control of clubroot disease.For more information on clubroot management in Saskatchewan visit the Saskatchewan Clubroot Initiative’s Clubroot Management Plan.


Currently there is no provincial legislation that regulates clubroot.

Guidelines for Canola Researchers

The canola research industry, as represented by the WCC/RRC (Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee), adopted these Clubroot Management Guidelines to help ensure that canola research and variety trials would not contribute to the spread of clubroot on the Prairies.