Feed Industry Meeting

September 2007, Saskatoon, SK


  • Research that will increase the energy value and use of canola meal in animal feed

Meeting summary


Welcome and overview
Canola meal competitive situation and CCC goals
Dr. Dave Hickling, Canola Council of Canada (retired)

Canadian animal feed industry perspective

What the feed industry wants from canola meal
Dr. Arnold Pierce, Preferred Animal Nutrition Services

Breeding canola for higher energy (yellow seed)

Progress in genetic improvements in canola meal energy contact
JoAnne-Relf-Eckstein, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Processing canola for higher energy

Increasing energy using current processing technology
Dr. Dave Hickling, Canola Council of Canada

Adding enzymes to increase energy
Progress using enzymes with a view to potential developments
Dr. Bogdan Slominski, University of Manitoba

Implications of feeding high dietary inclusion levels of canola meal

High protein diets and their impact on the animal and the environment
Discussion of required research to manage high protein
Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra, University of Alberta

Reducing anti-nutrient levels in canola meal
Designing oilseeds for tomorrow’s markets
Dr. Randall Weselake, University of Alberta

Canola meal value in our strongest market – dairy cattle

Understanding the nutritional value of canola meal and how it can be enhanced
Dr. Tim Mutsvangwa, University of Saskatchewan

What needs to happen to use more canola meal in beef feeds
Dr. John McKinnon, University of Saskatchewan

Benefits and limitations of canola meal in aqua-feeds
Opportunities to improve canola meal value
Dr. Murray Drew, University of Saskatchewan

Canola protein concentrates

Production and use of high-valued canola protein concentrates
Dr. David Maenz, MCN Bioproducts Inc.