2016 CARP Funded Projects

2016 CARP Funded Projects


2016.1 - Developing canola agronomy with precision planters

Objective: The objectives of this research are to: i) explore yield effects of seeding canola with a planter vs air seeder; ii) determine whether or not a precision planting system improves canola emergence and uniformity as well as optimum seeding rates with different row spacing; iii) determine maximum seed-safe rate of in-row liquid P when using a precision planter.

Principal Investigator: Ken Coles, Farming Smarter

Funding Partners: Alberta Canola, Manitoba Canola Growers


2016.8 - Characterizing turbulent spray deposition from self-propelled sprayers

Objective: The objective of this project is to document the spray deposit distribution of a high-clearance spray boom under a variety of test conditions with a view to identifying means of improving deposition uniformity.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Tom Wolf, Agrimetrix Research & Training

Funding Partners: Alberta Canola, SaskCanola


2016.9 - Enhancing the beneficial root microbiome in canola

Objective: The project has two main objectives: i) assess the consistency and variability in the composition of the canola core root microbiome; ii) determine the crop rotation systems best favoring the establishment of a beneficial root microbiome in canola and in other rotation crops.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chantal Hamel, AAFC Quebec Research & Development Centre; Dr. Yantai Gan, AAFC Swift Current

Funding Partners: Alberta Canola, Manitoba Canola Growers, SaskCanola, NSERC


2016.18 - Enhanced modelling of swede midge population dynamics in North America

Objective: The objectives of this research are to: i) develop a comprehensive population dynamics model for swede midge; ii) elucidate life history differences among North American swede midge populations using new model; ii) explore capacity of model to predict the lag-time between first introduction of swede midge to an area and subsequent occurrence of economically damaging populations.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Rebecca Hallett, University of Guelph

Funding Partners: Alberta Canola, SaskCanola


2016.20 - Getting more bang for your buzz: Does pollination compensate for canola yield lost under sub-optimal soil moisture, nitrogen fertilization and/or seeding rates?

Objective: The objective of this project is to investigate agronomic contexts in which the benefits of honey bee pollination to canola yield might be more pronounced, opening the possibility for strategic management of honey bee pollination.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ralph Cartar, University of Calgary

Funding Partners: Alberta Canola, Beekepers’ Commission of Alberta


2016.21 - Surveillance networks for beneficial insects: can natural habitats serve as insect reservoirs, and do they contribute to canola yield?

Objective: The objectives of this research are to measure how the proximity to specific natural habitat features is associated with beneficial insect abundance and diversity and canola yield.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jessamyn Manson, University of Alberta; Dr. Paul Galpern, University of Calgary

Funding Partners: Alberta Canola, Manitoba Canola Growers, SaskCanola


2016.24 - Can we replace soya sauce with canola sauce?

Objective: The objective of this project is to determine whether canola meal can be fermented into a soy sauce product or whether a fermented canola meal product could be produced which would be a novel condiment or food product.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Paul Holloway, University of Winnipeg

Funding Partners: Alberta Canola


2016.25 - Canola response and minimizing N Losses in two-pass seeding-fertilization systems with varying placement methods in Manitoba

Objective: This project aims to evaluate the agronomic and environmental performance of surface broadcast, shallow banding and deep banding methods of applying nitrogen fertilizer to canola in order to maximize yield and reduce N losses.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mario Tenuta, University of Manitoba

Funding Partners: Manitoba Canola Growers, SaskCanola


2016.27 - Validation of lygus and other insect pest thresholds in commercial farms throughout Alberta

Objective: The primary objective of this research is to conduct a field validation of economic thresholds for lygus bugs using realistic commercial scale canola fields. It is expected that another insect pest (flea beetles or cabbage seedpod weevil) may reach pest status in the same field and require management. Therefore, a second objective will be to quantify the impact of both pests on yield and the effect of spraying insecticide on each pest. A third objective for some sites will be to investigate landscape effects on lygus bug abundance and damage.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Hector Carcamo, AAFC Lethbridge

Funding Partners: Alberta Canola, SaskCanola


2016.39 - Determining best practices for summer storage of canola

Objective: The objective of this project is to collect additional bin-scale data and to determine if higher moisture content canola (>7%) should be managed differently if it is to be stored over the summer months or for longer periods of time.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Joy Agnew, PAMI

Funding Partners: Manitoba Canola Growers, SaskCanola, Saskatchewan ADF