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Manitoba clubroot gall 2013 Brackenreed

Clubroot galls have been found on canola plants in two separate fields in Manitoba. The photo above shows one of the actual infected plants. There is quite likely more clubroot across the province. Alberta experienced an increase in clubroot intensity and geographic spread this year. Saskatchewan’s disease survey report will not be available for a few weeks. In general, it was a good year for clubroot — if you’re clubroot. It wasn’t great for canola growers. But don’t panic. We have fall management tips in this issue.

Soil sampling is one way to check fields for clubroot DNA. Fall soil testing is also timely to check soil nutrient reserves, which may be low this year with higher than average yields expected.

Once harvest is complete, assess the perennial and winter annual weed situation. Give problem patches of foxtail barley, cleavers, dandelions and quackgrass a shot this fall.

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