Issues of the week

Adult lygus bug on canola pod.

Growers would like to see a stretch of warmer weather to advance the crop. Some fields are still flowering, and have been for six weeks.

Bertha armyworms are starting to feed lower in the canopy. They will move up the plant as lower leaves drop. A lot of areas had adult counts that would suggest a moderate to high risk for bertha armyworms, and growers in all areas are encouraged to scout. Bertha armyworms can be kept in check by fungal and insect beneficial organisms, but populations do explode once in awhile, outpacing the beneficial activity. While scouting for bertha armyworm, take the sweep net and check lygus counts. (See lygus in the photo above.)

Want to get some great first-hand insight into blackleg conditions across the Prairies? Sign up to take part in a 5-year research project. See details in the article below.

Swathing could start this week for the earliest crops. The ideal swath time for yield and quality is 60% seed colour change on the main stem, but growers will have to make adjustments for uneven crops and for large plants that have a higher percentage of yield on side branches.

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