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July 3 high

It’s looking like a hot week across the Prairies. The map above shows the highs for July 3, with many regions with highs of 30C+. (Click on the map for a bigger version.) Canola doesn’t like heat, especially at flowering. Heat can cause bud and flower blasting, resulting in blank pods and lower yield. But heat isn’t the only possible cause, as you’ll read in the article below.

Hot and dry temperatures can also reduce the sclerotinia stem rot risk, but heat alone does not lower the risk substantially if fields had average to above average moisture before, and if the canopy continues to have morning dew and high humidity.

Sclerotinia stem rot management begins as canola comes into flower. Canola with average to above average yield potential and good soil moisture are at higher risk, and could see an economic return from fungicide.

Cabbage seedpod weevils seem to be moving north in Alberta and north and east in Saskatchewan this year. A map in the CSPW article shows the 2012 range. The time to spray, if thresholds are at 2+ weevils per sweep across the field, is around 20% bloom.

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