Issues of the week


Serious disease infections become more obvious as fields get closer to harvest. Whitened diseased and dying plants are in stark contrast to the healthy light green plants around them. Take time now to identify which disease is responsible. This is essential for management next year.

Late canola fields may be at continued and higher risk for bertha armyworm feeding, especially if most other fields are swathed and “armies” of worms are marching in search of still-green plants. No need to panic however. Check fields, and spray only at thresholds.

Look at seed colour change before swathing. Swathing at 10-20% seed colour change (SCC) can cost 10-15% of yield when compared to waiting to swath at 50-60% SCC. At 60% SCC, seeds are fuller and bigger and more seeds on the plant have reached physiological maturity, hence the higher yield.

Early canola fields are being combined this week in the heat. Hot canola should be aerated immediately, even if it’s dry.

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