QUIZ – Photos

Four photos and corresponding questions provide a refresher on cabbage seedpod weevil, grasshoppers, late-stage herbicide applications and early scouting for missing pods.

1. Cabbage seedpod weevil, shown in the photo, is a common canola pest in the southern half of Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan. The time to scout is at 10-20% flower (or approximately one week after first flower) using a sweep net. The economic threshold is ______ per 10 sweeps generally across the field. (Fill in the blank.)

2. Grasshopper thresholds for canola are 7 to 12 per square metre. The new Pests & Predators Field Guide says to count the immature grasshoppers when counting for thresholds. Why do we prefer to manage grasshoppers as nymphs, if possible?

3. Each herbicide-tolerant canola system has its own approved window of application for the partner herbicide. The window closes at the 7-leaf stage for Ares on Clearfield canola, bolting stage for Liberty on Liberty Link canola, 6-leaf stage for glyphosate on standard Roundup Ready, and first flower for glyphosate on Roundup Ready TruFlex. At what stage is the canola plant in this image?

4. This canola plant has missing pods. The plant is also way more advanced than most other canola plants in the field, which could be a clue. What is the reason for the missing pods?