Canola Watch PHOTO quiz – Scouted this week

Check out this six photos, answer the questions and up your game for early-season scouting.

1. This dandelion was hit with a pre-seed burnoff 8 days ago on a field planned for canola. What was the dandelion sprayed with?

2. This seedling was hit by frost just a few hours before the photo was taken. Does it live?

3. Growing conditions are good, but you see a pale 'halo' around the outer edge of a few cotyledons. Should you spray?

4. A canola grower and agronomist observe this level of flea beetle feeding along a row of crop. Did they decide to spray?

5. You have a patch of missing seedlings. You suspect cutworm and start digging. You find these instead. What are they?

6. This canola was seeded 4” deep by mistake. Remarkably, the seedling emerged, but what risk factors does it face as a result of deep placement?


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