CANOLA QUIZ – Geography

We have four questions with a geography theme. Three of them have good agronomy messages loaded into the answer section. One is just for fun. Enjoy!

1. Canola is good for bees. Bees are good for canola. This is true everywhere on the Prairies, and especially at the "Honey Capital of Canada" where you'll find this big bee. What town is the honey capital?

2. Canada is breaking hot temperature records like crazy this week. Until this week, the record high for Canada was 45.6°C (114°F) set on July 5, 1937 in these two Saskatchewan towns.
3. CCC agronomy specialist Justine Cornelsen found a few cabbage seedpod weevils this week in a field near Gladstone, Manitoba. Why is this notable?

4. As inspiration to get away (hopefully) for a well-deserved break, where is this beach scene?