Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): The entire region had rain the past few days, with 1” to 1.5” general across the north and less elsewhere. Some fields in the east have standing water — again. Most canola in the Peace is swathed. General combining is still a few days away, except in the north where combining is about half complete.

Alberta: Harvest is progressing well in the south, with combining at 60-70% complete. Swathing is close to complete in central regions, but general combining has not started. The area could use a rain to help cure what’s in the swath. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Harvest is wrapping up in the southwest and is about 60% complete in the southeast. The north has some acres left to swath and combining is just getting started. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Combining is 70-80% complete. The northwest corner has the most crop left to combine and was hit hardest by frost in the past week. Manitoba crop report.