Crop and weather update:

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Most canola in the Peace region is swathed, but after a dry summer, rain now hampers harvest progress. Areas around Ft. Vermilion and La Crete got 2” to 4” in the past week. Cool temperatures have further slowed the drying process. Wind is blowing swaths around, especially since thin stands didn’t leave much stubble for anchoring.

Alberta: Rain ranged from half an inch to three quarters in the south, and about half an inch to an inch through the central region. Warm temperatures on a couple of days last week helped move canola along, but the south is still 5 days to 2 weeks from general swathing. Swathing is well underway in northwest parts of the central region, but is still 5 to 10 days away in south central and northeast regions. Read the Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Swathing is progressing well across most of the province and combining has started in the southeast. June-seeded crops in the eastern rain belt are still a couple weeks from swathing. Rain has slowed progress in many areas, with 1” in the west and up to 4” around Yorkton and other eastern locales in the past week. Highway 16 and north received very little rain in the past week. Despite low expectations in some eastern pockets, many growers across the province are looking at very good yields. Read the Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: A few hot days last week were good for progress. Most canola in the south is swathed, and combining is up to 50% complete in the central and east regions. Yields range from 15 to 60 bushels/acre, with lots in the 35 to 45 range. Quality is good, in general. The northwest is now 40% to 70% swathed, but rains Monday have slowed progress. Read the Manitoba crop report.