Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Canola seeding ranges from half to two thirds complete in the east, to 95% complete in the west. Most areas had some rain in the past week, except for the far north. Fairly regular showers are the reason for slower seeding progress in the east.

Alberta: Seeding is progressing well. Some areas are nearly complete. Others need up to a week to wrap up. Rains fell across most of southern and central Alberta in the past week, with over 2” in some areas. Frost was widespread in central Alberta, with some areas reporting as low as -6 C. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Canola seeding is near complete in west and northeast regions. Parts of the southeast have not started seeding due to excess moisture and continuing rains. Growers there are looking at new crop insurance deadlines, which are June 1 for some areas. Frost hit the north canola growing region, with lowest lows around -6 C. Rains fell across the south, which was welcome in the southwest but not at all in the southeast. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Canola seeding progress ranges from nothing done in parts of the southwest to maybe half done in the south central region. The provincial average is probably 15-20% but this is hard to pin down since seeding is so sporadic. Only the northwest corner escaped rain in the past week. Many areas had light frost. Manitoba crop report.