Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Seeding is 90-95% complete. Emergence is generally good, but some canola seed is stranded in dust and waiting for rain. Flea beetles are all over the region, and some growers have started to spray.

Alberta: Seeding is 85-95% complete. Northeast Alberta needs rain while the central and south regions have adequate moisture. Growers in the south need a week of dry conditions to finish seeding. Crop in the dry regions is slow growing and having a hard time keeping ahead of flea beetles. Frost hit the central region a few times in the past week, with lows of -8 C reported near Calmar. Some growers reseeded. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Seeding is nearly complete for most areas of northern Saskatchewan, but that region needs rain. Frost hit across the north, and some fields have been reseeded. The south has had excessive rain, which continues to delay seeding. Canola seeding ranges from around 70% done in the southwest, to 35-50% around Regina to even less in the southeast. In response to the late season, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation has extended its seeding deadlines. Please call the SCIC toll free customer service line at 1-888-935-0000 or visit the local SCIC office for specifics for your region. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: After another wet week that included hail, snow and frost in some areas, seeding progress is still slow. Across the province, canola seeding is probably around 30-40% complete, but that ranges from as low as 0-5% in parts of the southwest to 90% in some central regions. Manitoba crop report.