Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): The crop is seeded and about 80% is emerged. After general showers the past week, the region is off to a good start.

Alberta: Canola seeding is complete except for a few fields and pockets here and there. Rain and snow the past week have slowed growth, but damage appears minimal. Click to read the Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: With another week of rain, eastern Saskatchewan saw very little progress. Seeding has barely started in the Yorkton, Canora and Foam Lake pocket and is at around 50% complete in many other eastern areas. Western Saskatchewan is further ahead. Click to read the Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Canola seeding is near complete, except for pockets in the west north of Highway No.1 with up to 25% left to go. Many fields are saturated after a week of rain. Some areas reported up to 6”, and growers are worried about drowned crop.