Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): The entire region could do with an inch of rain and some heat. Many fields have spotty emergence, and with cool, dry weather, many canola crops seem to have stalled at around the 4-leaf stage.

Alberta: Southern Alberta has enough moisture for the most part. Central Alberta needs rain, although some areas received a welcome inch this week. Warmer weather has perked up the crop. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Canola is at the 3-leaf stage, on average, and advancing fairly well, although some stands are very thin. Western Saskatchewan could use a general rain. The southeast remains wet and with the crop insurance deadline this week, many acres will not be seeded. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Seeding ranges from 90-95% complete in areas of the northwest and east, to as low as 5-10% in parts of the southwest. With crop insurance deadlines this week and substantial rain the past few days, those numbers won’t change much. Estimates are that most growers (except those in the southwest) got 75% of their intended canola acres seeded. Manitoba crop report. Manitoba crop report.