Nutrient Composition of Canola Meal

Canadian canola meal typically offers these (advantages/qualities):

Nutrient and energy values may be influenced by growing and harvest conditions, as well as the cultivar and processing. Although Canadian canola meal is fairly consistent in quality, it's a good idea to monitor nutrient values and bio-availability as part of a sound quality control program.


Basic nutrient composition of canola meal

 7.3.1 Table 1

Note: This table shows nutrient composition for canola meal processed using the solvent extraction method. Canola meal will have 8-15% more fat and much higher energy values if processed using the double-press expeller method. Learn more about processing.

Energy value of canola meal

7.3.1 Table 7

Nutrient Composition of Canola Meal from Different Countries

7.3.1 Table 8