Keep It Clean: Canola, cereals and pulses join forces to keep export markets open

April 7, 2017 – The Canola Council of Canada, in collaboration with Cereals Canada would like to welcome Pulse Canada to the Keep It Clean program. 

Keep it Clean reinforces Canada’s commitment to delivering consistently superior agricultural products to markets around the world. It’s an established program started by the Canola Council and expanded with Cereals Canada to emphasize important on-farm decisions to produce quality cereals and canola that meet market requirements. Cereals Canada is coordinating with the Prairie Oat Growers Association and the Barley Council of Canada to extend reach to oat and barley growers. For 2017, Pulse Canada has joined the program and all three organizations will be collaborating to better communicate with growers.

“Growers play a critical role in ensuring both domestic and export sales of canola, wheat and pulses meet requirements of our customers and their governments around the world,” says Brian Innes, Vice President of Government Relations with the Canola Council. “This partnership allows us to do the best job possible of sharing information on export requirements among the value chain and bring information to growers in a simple and coordinated way.”

“Farmers recognize that responsible use of crop protection products is critical to keeping markets open for Canadian exports,” says Gord Kurbis, Director of Market Access and Trade Policy for Pulse Canada. “Pulse Canada is pleased to join the Keep It Clean program in 2017. Up-to-date crop protection advisories and accurate use information position Canadian pulse farmers to supply more than 150 export markets around the world.”

“Canada’s cereal crops are known for their consistency, high quality and cleanliness. The collaboration of the Keep It Clean program helps us preserve Canada’s reputation,” notes Cam Dahl, President of Cereals Canada.  

Over 22 million tonnes of cereals, and over 90% of pulses and canola produced in Canada are exported every year. With many farmers growing all three commodities, the new partnership will make it easier for growers to find the relevant information for all the crops they grow. 

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Media may contact:
Heidi Dancho
Director, Communications
Canola Council of Canada

Brenna Mahoney
Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Cereals Canada

Courtney Hirota
Director, Strategic Communications
Pulse Canada

Phil de Kemp 
Executive Director
Barley Council of Canada

Shawna Mathieson
Executive Director
Prairie Oat Growers Association


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