Federal research investment will drive canola industry growth

Winnipeg – The federal government’s newly-announced $15-million investment in canola research will help drive the industry to new heights, says Canola Council of Canada (CCC) president Patti Miller.
“This is a great day for the canola industry,” said Miller, speaking at the news conference where Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Gerry Ritz announced the new Science Cluster funding under Growing Forward 2. “This research investment will help us make quantum leaps in sustainable production. It will allow us to continue to differentiate canola oil and meal from our competitors. And it will provide economic and health benefits for Canadians.”    
The $15 million in new research funding, is combined with industry contributions for a total investment in research and innovation of more than $20 million over five years.
“Investment in research has taken canola from just an idea over 40 years ago to now the top revenue-generating commodity on Canadian farms,” says CCC Board of Directors Chairman Terry Youzwa, a grower based in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. “Continued investment is essential to keep the momentum going. Canada continues to see growth in canola crush capacity and exports, acres are at a new 20 million threshold, and the industry is within reach of our goal of 15 million tonnes of sustainable production by 2015.
Miller called the new Science Cluster “a great investment, but also a smart investment for three reasons.”
First, she said the projects under the new science cluster will be collaborative. They will involve a number of research institutions across Canada, including AAFC research stations, universities, and other public research facilities.
Second, she said, this new Science Cluster grew out of extensive consultations that very much enhanced collaboration among the participants. These relationships will help us address the key research challenges with minimal duplication. “And that’s a smart step in maximizing research dollars.”
And third, the projects are focused around clear, strategic themes:

  • Oil Nutrition
  • Canola Meal Nutrition
  • Canola Health & Integrated Pest Management
  • Canola Yield & Quality Optimization 
  • Integrated Crop Management & Sustainability of Canola Production
  • Canola Supply Surveillance and Forecasting
  • Science Cluster Tech Transfer



For more information, view the Canola Science Cluster Themes backgrounder.

For interviews with Patti Miller, media may contact:
Debbie Belanger
Director, Communications
Canola Council of Canada

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