CCC welcomes Cairns Group Dialogue on importance of sound science in international trade

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Canola Council of Canada commented today on the Cairns Group Ministerial meeting taking place today in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Council was pleased to participate as part of the Canadian Agri-food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) in Cairns Group farm leaders’ meetings which took place concurrently. CAFTA called on WTO nations to conclude the ambitious and comprehensive Doha Round multi-lateral trade negotiations.

"Multilateral trade is the most effective route to lasting reform of international agriculture trade and key to opening markets", said JoAnne Buth, President of the Canola Council of Canada.

The Canola Council is especially pleased that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz took advantage of his role as co-host of this year’s conference to highlight the importance of trade policies that support innovation. Canada re-emphasised the importance of policies and regulation based on sound science and predictable trade rules.

The Council welcomed the Minister’s commitment to international leadership on the regulation of the low level presence of genetically modified materials in agricultural commodities. "As the acreage of GM crops continues to grow worldwide, effective LLP policies will increasingly be required to ensure food security for importing nations and to reduce trade disruptions, "said Ms. Buth. "It is encouraging to see Cairns Group ministers discussing innovation, adaptive trade regulation and science-based policies" said Ms. Buth, "these are among the most important issues in international agriculture trade today".

The Cairns Group and farm leaders from around the world discussed the multilateral trade process, food security and market access issues at the 36th annual Cairns Group meeting which concluded today in Saskatoon.

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