Canola Council and Canadian Oilseed Processors Association Strengthen Relationship

April 9, 2013– The Canola Council of Canada (CCC) is extending a full range of services to the Canadian Oilseed Processors Association (COPA) in a move that will bring the two associations closer.

The announcement, effective immediately, was made by CCC Board of Directors Chair Terry Youzwa and COPA Board of Directors Chair Ken Stone.

“This agreement will better align the activities of the two associations and will maximize the effectiveness that comes with a closer working relationship,” says Youzwa. 

“COPA already works very closely with the Canola Council and we have overlapping membership,” says Stone.  “This new arrangement will ensure a tighter alignment of operations and better value to both associations’ memberships.”

The Boards of Directors of COPA and the CCC have established a service agreement through which COPA secures the requirements of its association management from the CCC.   

Jim Everson will take on the role of Executive Director of COPA, leading the day to day management of that organization.  He will continue to serve as CCC Vice-President,  reporting to the President, Patti Miller.   He remains in Ottawa leading government relations activities for both COPA and the CCC.  After many years of dedicated service as COPA President, Bob Broeska is retiring as President of COPA and will remain with the organization during a period of transition.

“I am very excited about this new arrangement,” says Everson. “Our two associations have many objectives and issues in common and I believe this will strengthen our ability to move forward.”

“I look forward to the closer relationship between the CCC and COPA,” says Miller. “Jim Everson is a highly experienced and effective individual and I have every confidence that he will serve both of our organizations well.”



For more information, contact:


Patti Miller, President, CCC



Jim Everson, V.P., CCC