Canadian canola industry update at Canola Week

December 2, 2020 – Jim Everson, Canola Council of Canada president, provided a Canadian canola industry update at the Canola Week virtual event yesterday to attendees representing all links in the canola value chain. His presentation included a look back at 2020, the latest challenges and opportunities in the years ahead, and the importance of research and innovation to sustainably grow the canola industry.

To view the update on the Canadian canola industry, please watch the video below.

Canola Week is a merger of Keith Downey’s Canola Industry Meeting (established in 1970), Wilf Keller’s Canola Innovation Day (established in 2003), and the Canola Council of Canada’s Canola Discovery Forum (established 2013). This three-day series of virtual sessions is bringing together over 600 canola growers, researchers, agronomists, life science representatives and other stakeholders to discuss:

  • State of the industry, trade, end-use products and markets
  • Research and innovation
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Agronomic issues and the 2020 crop
  • Canola fertility (the focus for the day two Canola Discovery Forum sessions).


Media may contact:

Heidi Dancho
Director, Communications

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