Bee Healthy Roadmap released by the Honey Bee Health Coalition

The Canola Council of Canada is proud to be a member of the Honey Bee Health Coalition, a North American coalition of more than 30 organizations and agencies from across food, agriculture, government and conservation working to improve the health of honey bees. The Coalition recently released its Bee Healthy Roadmap, a roadmap to improve honey bee health through collective action that will accomplish more than any one group can achieve on its own.

The Coalition’s Bee Healthy Roadmaplays out specific priorities and actions that it will take to achieve a healthy population of honey bees, healthy populations of native and managed pollinators, productive agriculture systems and thriving ecosystems. The Bee Healthy Roadmap identifies four priority areas that need immediate and consistent action from partners across the landscape. These include improving Hive Management, Forage & Nutrition, Crop Pest Management, and Cross-Industry Education, Outreach and Coordination.

The Roadmap also provides a framework for ongoing collaboration inviting anyone with a vested interest in honey bee health to work together to achieve its vision of Healthy Honey Bees, Healthy People, Healthy Planet.

To learn more about the Honey Bee Health Coalition and view the Bee Healthy Roadmap visit

The Canola Council of Canada is a full value chain organization representing canola growers, value added processors, life science companies and exporters. Canola is an ideal source of forage and nutrition for bees in the Great Plains. The CCC cooperates on national and North American initiatives including the Honey Bee Health Coalition to ensure canola production practices are compatible with pollinator health.


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