QUIZ – Pre-seed burnoff

Three questions about glyphosate-resistant kochia survey results, spraying with hard water and spray timing.

1. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada conducts surveys to track weed populations and the rise of resistance. The latest survey results are for Alberta in 2021. In that survey, what percentage of kochia had some degree of glyphosate resistance?
2. Sprayer water quality can affect herbicide performance. As written in Saskatchewan’s Water Quality and Herbicides guide, what is the maximum water hardness (in ppm CaC03 equivalent) recommended for high glyphosate rates?
3. A few days after snow clears the fields, perennials and winter annuals are regrowing and some hardy annuals, like kochia, have already germinated in a field. Because the field is at least two weeks away from seeding, spraying is not recommended because applying pre-seed herbicide two weeks before seeding is a waste of time and money.