Plan to tank mix glyphosate for pre-seed burnoff

Two main reasons to add a tank mix to pre-seed glyphosate are: One, the tank mix reduces selection pressure for glyphosate-resistant weeds, protecting glyphosate as an effective mode of action. Two, using two modes of action can improve weed control, especially for weeds like cleavers and kochia.

Note that with a tank mix, you will want to use higher water volumes than you would for straight glyphosate. It will also mean good sprayer clean-out is required between fields, but the extra effort can protect glyphosate efficacy for the long term. The Canola Encyclopedia has a list of pre-seed herbicide options, including glyphosate tank mixes, for use prior to seeding canola.

While booking herbicides and looking at spring discounts, look at tank mix options for pre-seed glyphosate. Tank mixes are recommended to control canola volunteers and glyphosate-resistant kochia, and to protect the long-term viability of glyphosate.

See this article for more tips on pre-seed burnoff.