Canola Community Connections

Keep It Clean Product Advisory webinar – April 19 at 11 a.m. CDT (10 a.m. CST/MDT). The webinar will review the crop protection products that may create market risk and to answer questions from growers and crop advisers. The list this year includes products for cereals and pulses. Information and registration 

Canola Watch webinar – April 13 at noon CDT. Topic: “Make Every Plant Count: Practical Tips To Maximizing Your Plant Stand”. Information and registration. Recordings for all webinars in the series.

2022 crop protection guides. Manitoba: Guide to Field Crop Protection. Saskatchewan: Guide to Crop Protection. Alberta: “Blue Book” Crop Protection Guide.

Sign up for 2022 Canola Disease Surveys. Pest monitoring programs provide valuable information and are used to create forecast maps, complement research, guide research decisions, detect and track new or emerging pests, and support management decisions. Manitoba: To participate, please text Manitoba Agriculture crop pathologist David Kaminski at 204-750-4248 and provide your name, RM, township and email. Saskatchewan: The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture needs a producer’s permission to access their land for pest monitoring surveys. Please use this form to allow the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and survey partners access to your land for pest monitoring. If you have any questions, contact the Agriculture Knowledge Centre at 1-866-457-2377.

Soil maps. Growers renting new land in 2022 may want to check on its soil type. Provincial soil maps can provide details. Manitoba | Saskatchewan | Alberta | B.C. 

Canola Watch podcasts. Kristjan Hebert, climate positive leader | Nutrient maximization – Canola Watch Webinar Series – Episode 5

Manitoba Crop Diagnostic School – July 4-8. In-person at Carman, Man. MARK YOUR CALENDAR. Registration details to come. 

A soybean map for canola farmers? Manitoba Agriculture posted a 2021 soybean cyst nematode distribution map. Similar to clubroot resting spores, encysted female nematodes can also be spread field-to-field in soil, either on equipment or through soil erosion. So there’s one more reason to practice effective sanitation.

Canola Watch exam for CCAs, CCSCs. Pass all five sections and earn seven CEUs.