Canola Watch quiz – This week in agronomy

The following questions are inspired by conversations with Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialists this week.

1. What happened to this seedling?

2. What is turgor pressure?
3. What is the reason for these missing plants?

4. Why do you need to know the thresholds when scouting for insects?
5. Flea beetles' favourite weather conditions are:
6. Wondering about reseeding in early to mid June? If the stand has at least ___ plants per square foot and plant population is relatively uniform across the field, it may be better to leave long as you can protect the remaining plants.
7. Glufosinate and its surfactant can be very good at removing residual (and canola-damaging) herbicides that can be bound to sprayer tanks and plumbing. If a sprayer tank is left full of glufosinate for any extended period of time, the risk of tank contamination and canola crop damage increases. It helps to know the specific tank-cleanout methods required for each product. Since we're on the topic of glufosinate, which method is recommended for that product?