Canola Watch quiz – This Week in Agronomy – July 17

Here are a few questions the Canola Council of Canada agronomy team had to answer this week:

1. I found these in my sweep net. Should I spray for them?

2. I have a lot of blanks on the canola stem where pods should be forming. What is the cause?

3. I’m at the right crop stage (20 to 50% flower) for fungicide application to prevent sclerotinia stem rot, but conditions had been quite dry up until just a couple weeks ago. Wet weather over the past week or two has likely increased the disease risk and improved my crop outlook, and I'm wondering about a spray, but how do I know the ascospores will be there to cause infection?
4. I think my canola is at risk for sclerotinia stem rot, but I haven’t sprayed yet. Canola seems to be at full flower. Is it too late?

5. I will be spraying fungicide for sclerotinia stem rot. What should I do to improve results? Three of the follow four choices are very important steps to improve fungicide efficacy. One is not so important. Which one is not so important?