Canola Watch quiz – Flea beetles

Give yourself a flea beetles primer ahead of scouting season. Take our quiz!

1. Is there a map or prediction tool that can show higher risk areas for flea beetles each year?
2. Scenario: I have feeding damage on greater than 25% of leaf area but less than 50%. Do I spray foliar insecticide?
3. Scenario: Your area used to have mostly crucifer flea beetles. Now it has mostly striped. Does that change the thresholds?
4. Most flea beetles in a field will have emerged from cover close to where they’re found.
5. When calculating leaf area loss, it is important to scout several locations in a field because flea beetles tend to congregate and numbers can be highly variable across a field.
6. Question 6: Seeding later can be a good flea beetle management plan.
7. For our Canola Watch planning discussion this week, we had seven insect management extension staff and researchers join us to review flea beetle management recommendations. Of the questions below, which one is the most difficult for the experts to answer?
8. What is generally considered the stage at which canola plants have grown beyond the yield-loss threat from flea beetles?


Striped, crucifer and hop species of flea beetles. Photo credit: Denice Geverink, U of M