Keep it Clean: PHI and storage tips

When spraying, stick to the pre-harvest interval unique to each product. The PHI (or Spray to Swath Interval) is the number of days that must pass between the last application of a pesticide and swathing or straight combining. Applying a product too close to harvest may result in higher than accepted residue levels in the seed. Visit for the PHI for each canola product used this time of year.

When prepping bins, follow canola storage recommendations:
—Make sure your storage bins are free of treated seed (which contains pesticides)and animal protein like blood meal and bone meal.
—Clean bins thoroughly prior to storing canola.
—Never use malathion to prepare canola for storage or to treat bins used to store canola. Its residue can linger for up to six months, so choose your canola storage bin carefully.
—Keep canola cool and dry to avoid spoilage and insect issues.

See the updated Keep It Clean brochure.