Keep it Clean, keep the customer happy

Canada exports 90% of the canola we produce, and our global customers won’t accept anything less than squeaky-clean seed. Producing export quality canola starts with planting the best seed and managing it carefully.

Ensure the product won’t cause concern for canola exporters. In some cases, a product is registered in Canada without a maximum residue limit (MRL) established in our major export markets. This means that canola treated with these pesticides may not be in compliance with the requirements of the importing country. Click here for more on pesticides that aren’t recommended for use on canola.
Know the required interval between application and swathing. Canola crops are into the window where pre-harvest intervals (PHI) factor into crop protection decisions. PHI or “Spray to Swath Interval” is the number of days that must pass between the last application of a pesticide and swathing or straight combining. For example, PHIs for common insecticides range from one to 21 days on canola, so product selection within those last few days before expected swathing or harvest would be important. Visit for more info.