Keep It Clean: Two timely reminders

Multiple insecticide applications. Some fields have been sprayed twice for flea beetles. In this case, growers may have to switch products depending on what they used the first time. Many insecticides have limits on how many times a year they can be sprayed on a canola crop (many can only be used once) or on how many grams of active can be applied to one field each year. These amounts are based on residue that could end up on harvest seed, the same motivation for pre-harvest intervals. Check product labels.

Check approvals before using herbicides. Before using a herbicide other than the recommended partner product(s) for herbicide tolerant canola (1) check the label to ensure the product is registered in Canada for use on the crop intended. If one product is registered for canola in Canada, other products with the same active ingredient are not automatically approved for the same use. (2) Make sure the product won’t cause concerns for canola exports. In some cases even though a product may be registered for use on canola, it may result in residues that are not acceptable in export markets. (3) Follow the label for rates and timing.

Check approvals for all products to be used on canola.

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