Issues of the week

Canola seeding is complete or nearly complete in most regions, and timely rains mean rapid crop establishment and reduced flea beetle threat for more regions — although see the Tweet of the Week below. Good growing conditions also mean heavy weed growth, especially in fields that did not get a pre-seed burnoff. Rates may need to be at the high end of the label for larger weeds, and grassy weed tank mixes may be required to get control and stay within label rate restrictions.

Growers with unexpectedly good growing conditions may see the benefit in a fertilizer top up. The best method is to dribble on liquid or float on dry. Applying through the sprayer in a tank mix with herbicide is not the answer as rates are not high enough to be meaningful and full leaf coverage can cause serious crop damage.

For those seeding in June, we have links to helpful articles on how to make a crop mature earlier, risks with late seeding, and broadcast seeding tips.

Scouting continues in full force this week. Read about what to look for.

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