Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): South and central Peace regions got a lot of rain in the past week, with accumulations of 4” to 7”. Canola in low areas is yellowing as a result of moisture stress. Crops not drowning are advancing quickly. Some canola is at 20-30% bloom. While the south is soaking, north Peace canola is under drought stress.

Alberta: The south had small showers with accumulations of 1/2” or less. Thundershowers through central Alberta dropped up to 6” in some regions and next to nothing in others. Water is ponding in areas with heavy accumulations. Early fields are at 20% flower. A few southern growers were still trying to seed canola this week. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Western Saskatchewan had spotty rain showers delivering from 1” to 3” in the past week. Crops overall look good in west and central regions, with many fields at the 6-leaf to bolting stages. In the southeast, excess moisture remains the biggest issue with another 4”-6” of rain in the past two weeks on top of what was already too much. Many seeded crops are drowning. In the northeast, saturated pockets are interspersed with some very good looking crops. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Another 1” to 4” of rain fell in the past week. Of the fields that were seeded, many are yellowing, cotyledons are purpling, and some plants are prematurely bolting — which are typical responses to waterlogging. Staging ranges from just emerging (some growers were still seeding this week) to flowering. In general, the province needs heat for canola to cabbage out and fill in. Manitoba crop report.