Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Most of the Peace is forecast to have below zero temperatures over the next few nights, and cool days (below 10ºC). Snow is forecast for some areas. Lack of moisture continues to be a concern in the east. Canola seeding is half complete in central and eastern areas, but just getting started in western and northern areas.

Alberta: The south received 2 to 4 inches of precipitation in the past week, including snow in many areas. Soil temperatures cooled to 5°C or lower. In pockets, growers were able to seed on the weekend, but in general, less than 10 per cent of canola is seeded in the south. High winds will help dry out the soil but make pre-seed burnoff difficult.
In west central Alberta, precipitation and cooler weather have held up seeding. Progress ranges from 1% to 15%, with areas north of Edmonton most advanced. Below zero lows are forecast for the rest of the week.
In east central Alberta, general moisture over the past 10 days has improved as a result of snow and rain accumulations of up to two inches in some areas, including Viking. That has slowed seeding progress. Growers on lighter land in the Wainwright area are furthest along as they did not get as much rain.
Alberta Agriculture does not have a crop report until May 11. Click the blue text for a link to individual weather station data or for weekly rainfall data.

Saskatchewan: Very little to no canola has been planted in the west, although the entire region has optimal to excessive moisture conditions. In the east, less than 5% of intended canola acres are seeded. Wet fields are holding growers back. Wadena area, for example, has had 4 inches of rain since late April. The north also has all the moisture it needs. Water is running in the ditches and areas with rolling topography have potholes full of water. Seeding has started in areas east of Carrot River to Hudson Bay, which are a little drier. Link toSaskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Rain and snow accumulations ranging from just under half an inch in the southwest to 5 inches in the northwest stopped seeding progress in general. Many areas have very little canola in the ground, but parts of the central, eastern and south Interlake regions did surpass the halfway mark for canola seeding prior to the rain. Some canola has already emerged in these regions.