Crop and weather update

Peace region (B.C. and Alberta): South, central and western Peace regions, including B.C., are very dry. Seeding is underway, despite the frost risk, as many growers are worried they will lose what little moisture they have if they don’t seed soon.

Alberta: In southern Alberta, many areas got rain the past few days and more is forecast for later in the week. At most, one to three per cent of canola acres are seeded in the south. In central Alberta, snow and rain (heavy in spots) improved general moisture conditions the east side of Highway 2. West of Highway 2 also got precipitation, but not as much. Most growers in the central region plan to start seeding canola this week if soil conditions allow. Alberta’s first provincial crop report is scheduled for release May 11. Saskatchewan: Soil moisture for most of Saskatchewan is good to excessive. Soil temperatures are close to ideal for rapid emergence, which means canola seeding should hit full swing within a week to 10 days. At this point, canola seeding has not started for most of the province. Read theSaskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Canola seeding is generally five to 15 per cent complete, with central and eastern regions most advanced. Moisture is adequate, but all regions would appreciate a shower to replenish surface moisture. Read the Manitoba crop report.