Crop and weather update

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): After good snowfall this winter, the Peace region has better soil moisture than it has had in years. Some peas are in the ground and canola seeding will start soon.

Alberta: A few growers in Southern Alberta have started seeding, but rain in the forecast could halt what has already been a very late start for this region. Central Alberta should see seeding kick off in a big way in the coming few days.

Saskatchewan: General seeding should start in Western Saskatchewan in the next few days. Eastern Saskatchewan is farther behind, but is also progressing. Fields that were cultivated last fall to help them dry out faster are warming up and getting green with weeds.

Manitoba: Western Manitoba got rain followed by snow over the weekend, setting seeding back 10 to 21 days for many growers. Eastern Manitoba did not get the same volume of rain, and despite flooding rivers, some fields will be ready to seed this week or early next week.