Call for Letter of Intent for Growing Forward 2

We are pleased to announce the Call for Letters of Intent (LOI’s) for research projects under Growing Forward 2. The cover letter and templates provided below are to assist in the development of your respective LOI’s.
Cover Letter from Dr. Curtis Rempel, Vice President Crop Production, Canola Council of Canada
GF2 SC Project Template
GF2 SC Project Template - Example
Budget Example for Vote 1 Researchers (AAFC only)
Budget Examples for Vote 1 and 10 Collaboration (AAFC and non-AAFC)

We would ask that all submissions follow the GF2 SC Project Template. Please note that the LOI should be no more than three pages.

With regard to budget submissions:

  • If the project submission includes only AAFC researchers, please follow the Budget Example for Vote 1.
  • If a project submission includes both AAFC and non-AAFC researchers, please follow the Budget Example for Vote 1 and 10.

  • If a project submission  includes only non-AAFC researchers,  please create a Budget for Vote 10 using a similar format as the Budget Example for Vote 1.

Irrespective of researcher collaboration, we would ask that the budget amount be reflected as  25 percent Industry funding and 75 percent AAFC funding  for each person following the Budget Examples.

All LOI’s are to be electronically submitted to Wanda McFadyen at with a cc to Yilan Zhang at no later than 1:00 pm, Friday, December 14th, 2012.