QUIZ – Combine Clinic for Agronomists

Canola seeds lost out the back of the combine can undo a lot of good agronomy work throughout the growing season. Skills to prevent those losses could be valuable for agronomists looking to give farms the full season package. That is why the Canola Council of Canada will host Combine Clinic for Agronomists, August 3 from 1:30 to 5:00. Location is Discovery Farms Langham (the Ag In Motion site) just off Highway 16 about 40km northwest of Saskatoon. Cost is $50. Registration and Information.

The following three questions will inspire agronomists to attend. 


1. The Canola Council of Canada has five agronomy priorities, including Harvest all seeds and deliver them at No.1 grade.In a CCC grower survey in 2022, canola growers scored this as the top priority for impact on yield (tied with pest management). In a survey of agronomists in 2022, the CCC asked agronomists which of the five priorities they actively promoted. Where did the Harvest all seedspriority rank?
2. The Canola Digest article “13 tips from Combine College,” a 2022 event in Manitoba, described this situation: A farmer had trouble getting losses below 1.5 bu./ac. for four combines, so the farmer paid a specialist to adjust the combines. The specialist got losses down to 0.3 bu./ac., and billed $1,200. What was the return value of these adjustments through the harvest season, according to the farmer? 
3. In the Canola Watch article How to reduce combine loss,step one is to measure the loss. What is the key tool to measure the loss?