Set the combine to reduce losses

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Growers have three steps to assess combine losses:

1. Measure the losses. Drop pans are required, given that combine loss monitors are not always accurate or calibrated properly. How to measure losses.
2. Determine whether those losses are acceptable.
3. If not acceptable, take measures to reduce the losses.

Les Hill is the manager of technical services and business development for PAMI in Humboldt, Sask. He has 8 tips to reduce losses at the combine:

1. Feed canola as uniformly as possible into the combine.
2. Avoid over-threshing.
3. Don’t assume canola separates easily.
4. Adjust fan speed to the point where seed is just beginning to blow over.
5. Open chaffer and sieve settings as wide as you can tolerate.
6. Measure the actual loss out the back of each combine.
7. Travel at speeds that match a level of acceptable loss.
8. Combine losses should be less than 2%, hopefully 1%.

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