QUIZ – Agronomy from Canola Digest

Canola Digest is the magazine of Canada's canola industry. It includes information on agronomy, technology, policy, marketing and grower organization activities. Read it online. Or subscribe for free if you want the print version. Here are three agronomy-related questions based on information from the January 2023 Canola Digest.

1. In "The rise of verticillium stripe," CCC agronomy specialist Courtney Boyachek says In Europe, where the disease has been present for around 30 years, yield losses range from __________ per cent.” (Fill in the blank.)
2. In Using data to map the profitability of VR,Alberta canola grower Wayne Schneider says he pays for outside help to do all soil testing and build the maps. How much per acre does that cost him? 
3. The article “Agronomists name herbicide-resistant weeds as top threat” looks at results from a CCC survey of agronomy providers. When asked, What canola agronomic risk factors are likely to be the greatest concerns for your farmer customers over the coming five years?” overall, 68 per cent chose herbicide-resistant weeds. It was the top selection in Alberta and Saskatchewan by a wide margin. It was the second most common response in Manitoba. What was first in Manitoba?